"Through research and development, ambition becomes a reality"

Drill Bits

  • Manufactured from solid homogeneous heat treated bar
  • Low cost
  • High tolerance and high output capability
  • Patented manufacturing technology
  • Machined to suit strata conditions
  • Positive, Negative and Neutral rake angles
  • PCD (Poly Cristaline Diamond) for hard difficult drilling
  • 27mm - 44mm in M16 drive, this offers a considerable cost and time advantage as 22mm drill steels can be used for up to 44mm in diameter
  • Reduce production costs
  • Increase profits
  • Manufactured in Australia
  • Rake angles, number of teeth and other dimensions can be altered to suit drilling conditions
  • No wing breakage
  • CNC precision tolerances
  • Faster drill penetration rates
  • Greater carbide adhesion to machined seat
  • Bodies can be cast as well as machined to reduce cost

Independent Testing

Results of our independent testing show that generally when a roof section is being bolted the operators of the drill rig have reduced the penetration speed of the drill. This is done to minimize the risk of drill failure. Our testing shows that a reduction in penetration is not necessary due to the increased strength of our machined bodies thus reducing drilling time.