"Through research and development, ambition becomes a reality"

Welcome to Farrell Mining


Amidst the current uncertainty of the global economy and the consistent evolutionary nature of the mining industry it is essential to maintain a streamlined business model that encourages long term growth and above all, ongoing customer satisfaction. We at Farrell Mining feel it is also important to continue to find ways to offer clients value added services that create and support efficient operations.... today.... tomorrow.... and for years to come.

Farrell Mining understands that in order to maximise efficiency, companies must be aware of how separate operating units affect the bottom line. Our personnel work closely with mine management to create a cohesive operation that will help achieve production and safety goals.

Why Farrell Mining?

The reasons are clear:

  • We work in partnership with our customers
  • Our customers can expect excellent and reliable service
  • We have a long term commitment to quality, backed up by our guarantee of proper fit, performance and customer satisfaction
  • We have exclusive alliances to supply and manufacture a high quality complete range of mining consumables who are ISO 9001 compliant and an Australian Defence Department approved supplier

Design and Material Improvement

Farrell Mining work with customers to provide longer lasting products through improved designs and superior materials. Working closely with customers has resulted in identifying any issues or problems and offering solutions to improve performance, increase productivity while reducing down time and costs.